What are the benefits of Hybrid Technology?

You may think that the sole purpose of owning a hybrid car is to reduce your carbon footprint, however this innovative technology can also bring many advantages to you and your finances.
The main benefits you will see from having a hybrid car include:

Improved Fuel Efficiency
With the hybrid technology, the combination of the electric and fuel driven engines can give you improved miles per gallon, not only saving you money at the fuel pump, but also brings the benefit of lower rates of road tax, company tax and no congestion charge

Less CO2 Emissions
With the clean technology of the Hybrid cars, the amount of greenhouses gases released into the atmosphere is significantly reduced, meaning your car will not contribute to the production of smog and will ensure your vehicle’s impact on global warming is kept to a minimum.

Instant Power
The Hybrid spec may seem modest, but these cars can really deliver on power and torque, instantly reacting to any increased pressure on the accelerator, and ensuring that you don’t need to wait for the engine to rev up before being able to keep up with the traffic.

Hybrid Benefits

Financial Benefits
You may wonder whether the increased initial outlay of a hybrid car, due to the cost to produce the innovative technology, research and development, is worth it. However, the government have many incentives to more people to own these vehicles. On top of this, you will see lower taxes on the road and no congestion charges.

Higher Resale Value
Due to the complex technology and the fact that there are generally less hybrid models on the road, making the car rarer, these models generally retain their resale value much more effectively than their fuel-driven counterparts. They are also considered much more reliable vehicles to drive, always a priority when looking to buy a second hand car.

Additional auxiliary power for electronic devices
In the event of a power failure, the Hybrid vehicle can be used as an emergency power supply, ensuring you are able to charge important accessories, such as a phone or laptop, or even to power household appliances such as a kettle.

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