Car Dent Removal

Worried about a scrape, or scratch on your car? At Bentleys Motor Group we offer a leading paintless dent removal service, which can have your vehicle back to its gleaming best in next to no time – and it’s a cost-effective alternative to filler and re-spraying, too.

From our base in Cheshire, Bentleys Bodycare offers the premium car dent removal service to motorists throughout the wider region – from Merseyside to Greater Manchester.

Paintless dent removal is now the recognised method in the automotive industry for removing small and minor dents from a car’s bodywork. It’s a cost-effective method precisely because it’s so simple, and at Bentleys work can start from as little as £65.

Paintless dent removal is perfect for minor dents like those caused by other car’s doors, small stones and even hailstones. It’s an excellent means of restoring your car to its original condition, because it removes each and every dent without damaging the paintwork.

Our service can be applied to any make or model of vehicle, and dents are typically removed on the day you bring your vehicle in, so you’ll be back on the road as soon as possible.

Arrange your appointment with our dent specialists by making an enquiry or by contacting our friendly team today on 01925 594236