Fault Accident

What to do following an 'at fault' accident.

Being involved in a road accident can be a stressful time. This is especially true if you happen to be at fault. We understand that all drivers need support after a collision or other incident.

If you have an accident which was your fault, and your car is still roadworthy, come to us straight away. Just ask and we will contact your insurer and deal with the claim on your behalf.

An inspection of the damage can be arranged, to independently confirm the extent of the work needed. We will begin repairing your vehicle once your insurance company gives approval.

While repairs are being carried out, enjoy the use of a courtesy car to remain mobile. This is a benefit you will also receive if your car is not roadworthy following the accident. In this case, we will arrange for the written-off vehicle to be collected and provide you with a courtesy car immediately.

Whenever you need accident support, please get in touch with Bentleys straight away. Our team in Warrington is on hand to help.

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