Non Fault Accidents

In the unfortunate event of your vehicle being un-roadworthy after a non-fault accident, we will put you in a 'like for like' vehicle within 24 hours.

If your vehicle is driveable, we will arrange a 'like for like' vehicle once a convenient date has been agreed for the repairs.

Once we have carried out the estimate, we will send photos of the damage to your vehicle together with a report to our engineer and authorisation to carry out repairs will be given within 48 hours.

Parts are then ordered and repairs carried out according to manufacturer's specifications.

Furthermore, we can deal with any Personal Injury or loss of earnings claim. There will be no cost to you, no excess to pay and your no-claims will not be affected*


Q. How many estimates do I need to get my repairs authorised?
A. You usually only need one estimate for the repairs to be carried out on your vehicle.

Q. Can I choose where my car gets repaired?
A. Yes. You may have your vehicle repaired at a bodyshop of your choice regardless of what your insurance company may say.

Q. Am I entitled to a similar replacement vehicle while mine is off the road?
A. Yes. You are entitled to a 'like for like' vehicle. The cost of hire is recoverable from the party at fault or their insurance company. The innocent party is never out of pocket.

Q. Am I entitled to a replacement vehicle if mine is written off?
A. Yes you are. The cost of the hire, for a period of up to 7 days after the write-off cheque is received, is recoverable from the party at fault or their insurance company.

Q. Do I have to pay my insurance policy excess?
A. No. By claiming off the person at fault insurance, you will not be invoking your own insurance policy and therefore there will be no excess for you to pay.

Q. Will my no claims bonus be affected?
A. It may be temporarily affected depending on your insurers policy. However on the successful completion of the claim, your no claims bonus is reinstated.

Q. Will any of my out of pocket expenses be recovered?
A. Yes. Any expenses arising as a result of the accident may be recovered. This includes loss of earnings and medical expenses.

Q. What if I am injured in an accident?
A. You are entitled to register a Personal Injury Claim.

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* If the accident was not your fault we can arrange for repairs to be authorised and provide you with a like-for-like replacement vehicle for the duration of the repairs. In the event of a non-fault accident, Bentleys Motor Group will appoint a specialist solicitor to pursue any claim for injuries suffered by you and your passengers.

Replacement Vehicle Service

Our network of replacement vehicle suppliers have access to over 35,000 vehicles across the UK, including private cars, commercial vehicles, taxis, dual controlled vehicles, and motorcycles, which can be delivered to your chosen location.

Vehicle Repair Service

Vehicle repairs are subject to assessment and if authorised you will not be required to pay your excess to the repairer upon completion. (Terms and conditions apply)

Litigation Service

Should legal proceedings be deemed necessary to achieve the appropriate settlement, Bentleys Motor Group will instruct a suitably qualified solicitor to deal with this on your behalf, settling your claim on the best terms possible.

Non-Fault Benefits

• Accident management service for all non-fault accidents

• No policy excess to pay

• Replacement like-for-like vehicle

• No up-front costs

• No win, no fee

• Compensation for personal injury (Terms and conditions apply)

• Full repair using manufacturer parts

• Current retail value if your vehicle is written off

• You will receive fast and efficient medical assistance and care so you recover quickly from the effects of your accident

• Uninsured loss recovered (ULR) including travel expenses, loss of earnings and damage to personal items

National Accident Specialists

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Bentleys Motor Group provides a one-stop-shop service to road users who’ve been involved in a non-fault road traffic accident.

This is not an insurance product.