Citroën Hire Purchase

One of the most popular forms of vehicle finance among commercial businesses is a Hire Purchase agreement, enabling you to take complete ownership of your chosen vehicles via a fixed term of funding that provides the opportunity to have complete control over your repayments. Best of all, once you reach the end of your agreement, the vehicle(s) will be yours to do with as you please: either continue driving with no additional payments, trade in for a newer model, or sell second hand.

What is Hire Purchase?

As is no doubt clear, Hire Purchase is an agreement that enables you to purchase a new Citroën commercial vehicle via payments made over an agreed period of time. More often than not, you will be required to pay an initial deposit on the vehicle(s) of your choice, and will then pay off the remainder of the balance over the coming months and years. Of course, the greater the deposit, the smaller the monthly repayments will be.

Hire Purchase Agreement
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What does Hire Purchase include?

Taking out a Hire Purchase agreement through an authorised Citroën dealership such as Bentleys Motor Group means you will essentially be signing up to a loan with the dealer that is repayable over a chosen period of time (usually up to five years). This loan is secured against the vehicle - meaning that you don’t own the vehicle until the final payment is made. Such an agreement can also be tailored to include Citroën Contract Motoring Maintenance and financial protection in the event of a ‘Total Loss’ insurance claim.

What do I do at the end of the agreement?

At the end of the term you will be the outright owner of your vehicle. This gives you the freedom to do as you please, whether that’s trade in for a new model, sell privately, or simply retain the vehicle without any further payments required.

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