New Citroen C-Zero

Small is clearly the new big.

You'll never have to worry about pump prices again with this stylish, all-electric five-door hatchback.

A good-looking city compact with flowing lines, a short bonnet and large windows, the new Citroën C-Zero is the perfect vehicle for anyone searching for a fun, economical and innovative runabout. Although a compact chassis ensures agile handling, there's plenty of room inside and the model is capable of easily seating four people comfortably, as well as offering an impressive 166 litres of space in the boot. The car's dashboard set-up and display is intuitive and easy to read, allowing the driver to stay on top of everything from the battery charge level to energy consumption. Air conditioning, a quality sound system and spacious seats ensure a comfortable ride for all.

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With a turning circle of just nine metres, the C-Zero is a nimble and agile car that's perfect for squeezing into tight parking spots and down narrow city streets. Offering a top speed of 80mph and a range of about 93 miles, it is ideal for everyday trips. As a 100 percent electric model the car produces zero CO2 emissions, so there's no obligation to pay road tax. A full charge via a conventional domestic socket takes eight hours and the car is virtually silent when running.

With just a brake and an accelerator this model is incredibly easy to drive. The digital display will help you to monitor your energy consumption and adjust your driving style accordingly for increased efficiency. A kinetic energy recovery system also helps boost the battery while you're on the move in order to increase the car's range.

If you're searching for a quality new car in Cheshire, get in touch with a member of the team at Bentleys Motor Group today to find out more about the new Citroën C-Zero. Of course you can also pop into our Warrington showroom for a closer look.

Full electric technology Designed for urban driving
Environmentally friendly Zero CO₂ emissions
Easy to Drive Only an accelerator and brake pedal