Citroën Swappage Scheme

£3,000 Trade in Bonus available on C1 models + the trade in value of your existing vehicle

£5,000 Trade in Bonus available on C3, C4 Cactus, C3 Aircross, New C5 Aircross SUV, Berlingo Car, Grand C4 SpaceTourer, SpaceTourer + the trade in value of your existing vehicle

Available for part exchange or scrappage vehicles - we will accept any make or model of car*

*Your existing car must be registered to you and you need to have owned the vehicle for more than 90 days. The vehicle has to have been registered before 1 January 2014 to be eligible for swappage.

You can trade it in and receive a Swappage discount of up to £5,000 (inc. VAT) dependant on model chosen.^

Vehicles traded in do not need to be scrapped but if the customer wishes for the car to be scrapped or it is only scrap value, you should use our Scrap Car Recycling partners CarTakeBack.

All vehicles part exchanged that require scrapping should be recycled by CarTakeBack, our approved scrap car-recycling partner at no cost.

Their dealer portal allows you to choose to have the scrap car collected from your dealership, or from the customer’s home or work address.

CarTakeBack will ensure that you get your DVLA Certificate of Destruction (COD) for every car recycled through the scheme. CarTakeBack will make no payment to Dealers or Customers for the scrapped vehicle, however, the full service offered will be free of charge.

All vehicles recycled with CarTakeBack under the Citroën Scrappage Scheme are treated in an environmentally friendly manner, with all hazardous materials such as oils, batteries and tyres being responsibly disposed of, with CarTakeBack ensuring that 95% of every car is recycled.

You can access the CarTakeBack Citroën Scrappage Scheme portal via the following link

^Your new car purchase needs to be ordered and registered by 31/03/2020