Book a Citroen Service

It is simple to arrange Citroën servicing at Bentleys – you can do so via the online contact form below. This can be filled out and sent to us at any time.

We have the state-of-the-art facilities and expert knowledge to service every Citroën model. As further reassurance for all our customers, we always use genuine Citroën parts and provide you with complete records to add to your vehicle service history.

In just five quick steps, you can book a service or scheduled maintenance. It takes only a few minutes, meaning it is easy to book during a quick lunch break or on the commute.

Submit your details, and we will be in touch to confirm the work needed and the date and time of your appointment. Please also let us know whether you require collection and delivery services, or if you need a courtesy car while yours is at our workshop.

For more advice, give the Bentleys Citroën team a call. Our dealership in Warrington, Cheshire, has a dedicated servicing department number and is open seven days a week.


Would like to speak to a service adviser? Give us a call01925 594649


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