​As you know, regular maintenance of your vehicle can help avoid breakdowns and other repair costs. We offer a range of service plans so you can be confident that your vehicle is maintained by the Citroën experts using specialist technology and high-quality parts, ensuring your vehicle is in the best hands whilst helping you budget.

Our servicing expertise covers diesel, petrol, hybrid and electric vehicles.​

Taking care of your electrified vehicle

A fully electric vehicle is likely to have lower service, maintenance, and repair costs than traditional petrol or diesel vehicle. Electric motors contain fewer than 20 moving parts meaning they are inherently reliable. Overall battery electric vehicles have thousands of fewer mechanical working parts than the equivalent internal combustion engine vehicle – so there are far fewer parts to need attention. However, it is still essential that your vehicle is checked periodically to ensure optimum reliability, performance, and safety.

100% of an electric vehicle’s propulsion is provided by the drive motor and  battery meaning that there is no need for regular engine oil and filter changes. It is important that the other systems of the vehicle are regularly checked for wear and any items, such as pollen filter, brakes, wiper blades, or tyres, are replaced when required.

For plug-in hybrid vehicles, you can take advantage of reduced running costs and are likely to be able to run on electric-only power for a large amount of your journey.