Citroen Tyres

Your car’s tyres are one of its most important features, as they play a major role in overall performance and safety and are also subject to constant wear throughout your vehicle’s life. Access to the best tyres fitted by the professionals is therefore vital, and with Bentleys, that’s exactly what you’ll find. We represent both Toyota and Citroën at our Cheshire site, and are the first destination for a large number of motorists who want a great deal with no compromise on quality.

Customers return to our door to purchase parts from the industry’s leading brands, and we are pleased to provide products to suit a variety of budgets, as well as those designed for different conditions.

Searching through our complete stock and arranging for tyres to be fitted is quick and simple – you can do both in just five steps using the tool above. All you need are your vehicle’s registration details to find products of the right size, and we also allow you to choose your preferred day and time to visit our technicians.

They will work quickly to return your car to you as soon as possible, and we promise there will be no hidden costs – you’ll only pay the amount originally quoted. If you would like any further information on the tyres available or our wider aftersales offering, please get in touch with the team directly.