"Excellent service from a Citroen dealer I have used for many years. Their representative, CK Tam, was very attentive and a great person to deal with, advising of progress with changing our car at all times. Citroen's old car scrappage scheme is to be applauded, an industry leader and is highly recommended. We look forward to many happy years and miles motoring in our new Citroen in future years." P. Pearson

"Just to put you in the picture, I tried to contact Citroen Head Office with little avail. This was to say a big thank you and to give praise about Lyndon, Anthony and CK. Basically they acted in a very understanding and effective manner and the problem with my car was resolved very easily. I was also given a car to use for my inconvenience which I was not expecting so that was an added bonus.

I would like to say that I think you are very lucky and fortunate to have such a great team of people working for you. They ALL are very polite and helpful and it is always a pleasurable experience to be in touch or when visiting Citroen Warrington.

I think Lyndon is an absolute star and a one in a billion." Jo Brown

"I am writing to tell you... how pleased I was with the service I received from the staff at Bentleys during the sale and purchase of my Citroen C1. Particular thanks go to salesman Ian Brown, who I found to be most courteous and helpful. Please pass my sincere thanks on to Ian." H. Challenor

"Things I like about the service...

Mike from Warrington: "The whole experience. I was recognized by one of the sales staff as I entered the premises. The lady at the service desk knew who I was and went on to suggest that as the first service was due in under a month, if it was convenient they would do it the same time as the recall. It was and they did. Also the car was valeted and was ready as I returned. The experience was in keeping with all of my visits to this dealership since I bought my first C4 in November 2007."

Robert Challinor of St Helens: " All aspects, could not have been treated better if I had HRH after my name. I travel a longish way as my local Citroen dealer has let me down badly in the past. When I complained they told me to go to another dealer, so I did. Best move that I ever made."

Mr Ed Lomax of Widnes: "Professionalism, knowledge, positive attitudes, expertise and the relaxed but focused approach to the project which only occurs with enlightened management."

Mr P Alban of St Helens "Customer care is a number one priority and this dealership is excellent."

"Things I liked when purchasing my car...

Denis from Warrington "What made our experience so pleasant was the fact that when we arrived the salesmen were not hanging over our shoulders, we were left to browse at our convenience without hassle. When we finally made our choice we spoke with a sales person who was extremely helpful and made our purchase so simple and stress free. All the paperwork was done with ease and everything was explained to perfection, we could not fault the service. The handover went without problem and was a pleasureable experience. We drove away in our brand new DS3 car. I would gladly recommend Bentleys Citroen of Warrington to anybody."

KD Robinson - The White Label Company: "I contacted your business two days ago, via the Citroën website.... Your business came back to me within 24 hours... I think Andy called me first (I hope I got his name right – I forget names these days).... he took my needs and said he’d get the appropriate colleague to contact me, enter Dennis.... With maximum courtesy and minimum fuss, he understood my needs and came back to me within hours with what I needed.. not only this but he added value to my needs by suggesting gap insurance ... I have ended up spending slightly more than I’d forecast but feel Dennis and consequently your business has given me more value! I do appreciate that the order we have placed with your business is very modest but Dennis has dealt with me in a manner that would imply I’ve ordered a fleet of 100 cars from you! I contrast my positive experience with your business with another Citroën dealer, not so far from you but who shall remain nameless;

  • They have lied about the spec level of the car claiming to have added options which are actually standard
  • They have lied about interest rates
  • And lied about mileage increments
  • Professional courtesy is sadly lacking – I will be informing them of this fact and might even elevate the matter to Citroën