Buying a new car is a decision that requires careful consideration. Once you have chosen the right model, it’s essential that you select a cost-effective finance plan that best suits your budget. That is why we have devised flexible finance options - to help more of our customers get behind the wheel of a new Toyota or Citroën.

Our most popular finance plans are the Personal Contract Plan, Personal Contract Hire and Hire Purchase arrangements.

Personal Contract Plans involve a deposit followed by fixed monthly payments that cover a fraction of the full cost of the car. At the end of the contract, you can either return the car to us or buy it for the agreed resale price.

Personal Contract Hire is a long-term lease, again involving a deposit and fixed monthly payments. As it is a hire package, you simply return the car to us at the end of the contract.

A Hire Purchase package enables you to buy a car by paying a deposit followed by fixed monthly payments, rather than one lump sum.

Every driver has their own preference for financing their car. The team at Bentleys Motor Group is dedicated to helping our customers get on the road and will help you select the right finance option for your budget. They can also tailor the plan with lower deposits and higher monthly instalments or vice versa, to make budgeting even easier.

Find out more about the different finance packages and special offers available by contacting us today. Fill in and submit the online contact form or call us directly to speak with the team.

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