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Why go electric? Here at Bentleys Motor Group, we’re delighted to offer customers the full range of Toyota and Citroen hybrid and electric cars, from the Toyota C-HR hybrid and Citroën ë-C4 to the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid and Citroën ë-SpaceTourer.


    The self-charging hybrid range No plug, just impressive efficiency.
    The Plug-in hybrid range Go ahead and plug it in.....if you want.
    The electric range 100% Electric, Petrol Free, just charge it up and go!

    The Plug-in hybrid range

    Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) offer all-electric performance over short distances and are fitted with a large battery that must be connected to an electrical power source to be charged.

    The benefits of buying electric

    Choosing an electric or hybrid car has many benefits, not least because of the reduced impact on the environment, meaning improved air quality for all. Running and maintaining an EV is typically more cost-effective, and businesses choosing electric vehicles can take advantage of lower benefit-in-kind tax.

    Driving a self-charging hybrid negates the need for plugging in, which is great for drivers who have to park their cars on the street, while plug-ins offer a greater all-electric range, meaning restricted emissions zones can be accessed.

    Hybrid and electric models also deliver improved performance. The electric motor produces instant torque, which makes acceleration swifter and takes the strain off the combustion engine, making for a responsive and exciting drive. At low speeds, the ride is quieter too.

    Key benefits include:

    • Lower emissions
    • Greater fuel economy
    • Cost-effective to run
    • Dynamic performance

    Electric vehicle FAQs

    What is a hybrid car?


    A hybrid car is one that combines a traditional combustion engine powered by petrol or diesel with an electric motor. This enables the car to benefit from increased efficiency and better fuel economy, all while lowering CO2 emissions.

    What is a plug-in hybrid?


    A plug-in hybrid car is one whose battery-powered electric motor requires charging from a suitable source. Whether at home with a suitable charging solution, or at one of the many thousands of public charge points, you will be able to replenish the charge of your battery quickly and affordably.

    How often do hybrid batteries need replacing?


    Hybrid vehicle batteries are designed to last the lifetime of your vehicle, and will often be covered by a warranty should any issues arrive. For older vehicles, however, you may find that replacing your battery comes at an additional cost.

    What happens if my battery runs out of charge?


    Hybrid batteries have been designed so that your battery should never completely be drained of charge. Of course, you should always ensure that you charge at a suitable outlet on a regular basis to maintain performance.

    Can a hybrid car continue to run on electricity when it runs out of fuel?


    While hybrid vehicles can run in all-electric mode, driving without any fuel can still cause significant damage to the car.

    Is it expensive to service and maintain a hybrid?


    While most servicing and maintenance charges are on a par with standard vehicles, you may well find that, due to the vehicle’s engine being under less strain, costs are actually more affordable.

    Are hybrid vehicles safe?


    Hybrid vehicles are constructed with the most exacting levels of quality and safety in mind. From circuit breakers that cut electrical current in the event of an accident, to all the latest in driver assistance and safety measures, you can be confident that taking to the road is safe as can be.

    Are hybrid cars expensive to buy?


    The initial cost of a hybrid vehicle may appear higher than a petrol or diesel option. However, as more and more manufacturers introduce options, the prices continue to drop and become more affordable. Plus, lower running costs and tax discounts ensure that the long-term savings to be made are significant.

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