According to a recent survey, the car is the preferred place for people to enjoy listening to music. And yet the car is one of the most challenging environments for achieving great audio. There are packaging constraints and speaker locations to consider, not to mention a range of interior materials – each of which absorb and reflect sound waves at different rates.

High-end audio systems, such as in the new C-HR Lime Edition were a collaboration between Toyota and audio partner JBL, with senior acoustic engineer Rishi Daftuar commenting,

“The sound system design and speaker layout is a true collaboration between JBL and Toyota. Once Toyota shared the vehicle specifications and layout, our engineers worked up a proposal for what we thought was an ideal – and feasible – design for that vehicle model’s sound system. Once the engineering teams were aligned, we worked very closely together with Toyota to make the system a reality.

“Packaging a sound system in any vehicle is quite difficult and complex. It’s crucial that it’s a joint effort in order to meet both the vehicle and audio requirements and deliver a great experience for the end customer. We were delighted that much of our initial proposal for the C-HR made it to production.”

The engineers always use a wide selection of music to optimise the audio system for a variety of musical styles and genres.

Artists used specifically to tune the C-HR system included Bruno Mars, Regina Spektor, Daft Punk, JR JR, Diana Krall, Meghan Trainor, Queens of the Stone Age, Alvvays, St. Vincent, Joshua Bell, Toto, The Benny Goodman Orchestra and Kendrick Lamar, to name a few.