A test drive through the showroom

A sales person at our Toyota dealership had a narrow escape when a customer driving a Yaris demonstrator ploughed through the window of the showroom.

The incident on 17 April was captured on the company's CCTV.

The member of staff jumped out of the way as the Yaris crashed through the showroom and clipped another vehicle before coming to a halt.

The customer was fortunately not hurt but understandably shocked by what had happened and was comforted by our team.

Bentleys Group Chairman, Steve Langley commented, "The customer had tried to go out in our demonstrator, started it up, and unfortunately hit the throttle and went straight through the showroom window, hit another car and just narrowly avoided one of my staff. The member of staff has a couple of cuts on his arm from flying glass but apart from that he’s fine. He was very lucky actually, as it could have ended very nastily."

The Yaris is expected to be written off.

Summing up the incident, Steve said, "It’s just one of those things. We’re just delighted that nobody was seriously injured."