TOYOTA T-MATE: The New Name For Toyota’s Safety And Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Signalling an expansion of its safety commitment and its aims to minimise accidents, Toyota is launching Toyota T-Mate, a new umbrella name for all of its safety and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Toyota is committed to providing the highest safety standard in its vehicles, constantly researching ways of using new technologies to help avoid accidents and improve protection for the driver, their passengers, and other road users. This approach has produced a new generation of advanced driver assistance systems – otherwise known as ADAS – which play an increasing role in making motoring safer.

Toyota T-Mate covers a wide range of systems designed to improve safety in many driving situations, from precise parking to driving on urban streets and highways. It combines Toyota Safety Sense with other active driving and parking assistance functions to make driving easier and safer and to protect vehicle occupants and other road users.

The evolution of safety technology has made increasing use of sensors, radars, and cameras to constantly monitor vehicle performance, the surrounding traffic, and the environment. Systems warn the driver of potential hazards and, if necessary, activate braking, steering, and throttle control to help prevent or mitigate an accident.

The Toyota T-Mate umbrella provides a new way for Toyota to communicate the real-world benefits of its ADAS, as the auto industry moves towards further automated and self-driving cars in the future and it will help demonstrate how your Toyota is always looking out for you.

The debut of T-Mate coincides with the introduction of the latest generation of Toyota Safety Sense, featuring a number of innovations and improvements.

Toyota’s Pre-Collision System now incorporates Acceleration Suppression at low speed and Intersection Cut-In Traffic Assist, as well as improved Oncoming Traffic Detection and Intersection Turn Assist.

Other new Toyota Safety Sense functions include an Emergency Driving Stop System (EDSS) and Over The Air (OTA) updates, which keep the functions up-to-date and add new capabilities during the model’s life.

The T-Mate package differs depending on the features available for individual models and grades.