Hybrid Technology

Hybrid technology has been designed to reduce emissions by producing its own recycled energy. This can seem like a complex technology to have integrated into your car, however it is much easier than you think to run one.

How does Hybrid technology work?

Hybrid technology utilises the power of a petrol engine combined with the benefits of an electric engine, and includes both of these within the car. Because of the help that is given to the petrol engine by the electric motor, the car only requires a small, more efficient, battery to operate.

The two engines work together and respond to the needs of the driver, giving you extra power when you need it. When in a more demanding situation, for example climbing a hill, power is transferred from the battery to the electric motors to give a boost to the driving power, and ensuring the power remains comparable with those models with larger engines.

There is also the added economical feature of automatic start/shut off, whereby the engine will switch off when the car comes to a complete stop, only turning on again once the accelerator is pressed. This ensures that there is no wastage of fuel whilst on the roads.

With regenerative braking, resistance is put on the drivetrain, with the energy from the wheels turning the motor to function as a generator. This means that the energy, which is usually wasted during braking, is turned into electricity and is stored in the battery ready for when it is needed.

Conventional Hybrid Models

In the market-leading Toyota Prius, the single engines can work both independently or together to bring you the driving performance you want.

When driving at a slower speed, the petrol engine is not in use and the car is powered only by the electric motor alone. When you accelerate, both engines will work together to ensure a seamless transition when driving at higher speeds.

Hybrid Technology

The Rechargeable Hybrid Model

The next generation of the Hybrid technology has now been incorporated into many Toyota vehicles and allows the user to plug-in the car to an external power source in order to recharge the battery. With the increased capacity of the battery, this model is able to travel as a conventional hybrid for longer distances, meaning you can travel further whilst keeping the environmental impact low.

Enabling you to recharge the battery using your household outlets, this model can be driven in economy mode for shorter distances and runs as a normal hybrid vehicle over longer distances, meaning you don’t have to worry about running out of charge over longer distances.

Hybrid Fuel Breakdown

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