New Toyota Corolla Hatchback
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All-New Toyota Corolla Hybrid

For 12 years, the Toyota Auris has been a staple of the manufacturer’s new car lineup, providing efficient, innovative motoring to drivers around the world. The Auris, however, is no more. At least in name. Welcome back to the lineup the All-New Toyota Corolla, the world’s best-selling car, available now from Bentleys Toyota in Warrington.


All new models in the Toyota range are now being developed in-line with the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, resulting in models that have been carefully designed to squeeze the last drop out of performance. In the All-New Toyota Corolla, the result is a sporty hatchback and a refined Touring Sports vehicle.

Both editions of the new Corolla are defined by the sleek low bonnet and the imposing front of the vehicle that features slimline headlights and a distinctive front grille. With the option of four bi-tone colour schemes too, as well as roof rails and slick alloy wheels, the model looks fresh and dynamic.


Get behind the wheel of the All-New Toyota Corolla and you will be able to feel the quality of the model exuding from the tiniest of details. Spacious, contemporary, and packed with technology, this is a driving environment designed to impress. And, with quality upholstery and stylish trim, an uncluttered dashboard that presents all the critical driving information directly in front of you, and a wide colour touchscreen available to connect to your smart devices, the All-New Corolla offers everything the modern motorist could want.


Choosing the All-New Toyota Corolla means you have a choice of 1.2 litre petrol engine, or the 1.8 litre and 2.0 litre self-charging hybrid engines.

In addition, the hybrid technology of the All-New Corolla also means enjoying a drive that is peaceful and relaxing, while the intelligent self-charging ability of the model further demonstrates the engineering expertise of Toyota.


Like most modern vehicles, the All-New Toyota Corolla takes advantage of some of the finest automotive technology to deliver the most enjoyable and safe drive possible. As such, you can expect this all-new model to feature entertainment and information systems that not only provide the infotainment measures you demand, but also enable you to connect to your smartphone in order to safely manage your calls.

Additional technology features are yet to be announced, but you can be confident that the all-new Corolla will not be short on innovation. This is, after all, one of Toyota’s most forward thinking models.


Toyota’s Safety Sense package has been designed to provide a level of safety that all but guarantees your protection when out on your travels. This suite of technologies works to provide driver assistance through monitoring the environment around you and stepping in should you be unable to act in time.

Among those measures included in the All-New Corolla are Road Sign Assist, Automatic High Beam, Lane Keep Assist, and Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection. In addition to these active measures, standard passive safety features - such as airbags - are fitted to mitigate the severity of any incident.

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