Prius Plug-in Starting From £32,645.00

An extended driving experience

The Prius Plug-In Hybrid range combines the strengths of advanced hybrid technology with the benefits of extended electric vehicle driving while aiming for that unforgettable driving experience.

Reducing your CO2 emissions shouldn't mean reducing your freedom.

The Prius Plug-In is perfect for those who want a hybrid car but with the benefits of electric vehicle driving for those shorter journeys.

Toyota Prius Plug-in Interior
Toyota Prius Plug-in Seats


A distinctive style

The Plug-in's design is brimming with style and personality. From its distinctive exterior designed to help performance through to its aerodynamic design.


Go hybrid with electric drive

Enjoy your Prius Plug-in fuel efficiency while urban driving and, for those longer journeys, the smooth and efficient 1.8 litre petrol hybrid.


Your space

The space is designed around you. The easy-to-use controls are positioned on the curved instrument panel and leather steering wheel. A full colour display keeps you up to date with your progress, monitoring efficiency, performance, and charge levels.

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