Toyota Free Tyre Check and Price Match

Fitting the correct tyres is crucial for the safety, economy, road noise and driving pleasure of your car.

Proper tyres with the correct level of tread and air pressure reduce braking distances - especially in the wet - and that can make all the different in an emergency.

Free Tyre Inspection - make sure you are safe, fuel efficient and legal.

Fitting tyres is only half the story - your tyres needs to be checked regularly and maintained to make sure they are performing at optimum levels. Braking, steering, economy and driving performance are all affected by how well your tyres are doing their job.

How we take care of your tyres:

Tyre Price Match Guarantee
We always keep our tyre prices competitive with independent suppliers (in fact, we will price match if you find a tyre cheaper locally within 30 days).

Free Puncture Repair
We offer all our customers a free puncture repair service.*

*If your tyre can be safely repaired, excluding run flat tyres.

Expert Advice
We will provide free, expert advice on fitting and maintaining your tyres.

Winter Tyres
We’ll supply and fit these super tough tyres designed for optimal performance and safety in colder weather.

Just pop in - you don’t need to book an appointment.

Since 2015 all cars must have TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) fitted. This automatically warns you if your tyre pressure is too low.

If your car is pre 2015 and not fitted with this system, then it is important that you regularly check your tyre pressure.

Low pressure means softer tyres which in turn results in reduced grip and greater resistance with the surface of the road. The engine has to work harder in these conditions and that means using more fuel.